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Shipping your suspension to Motorcyclebiz

1.   Get a suitable container for shipping. Make sure the box you select has plenty of support to resist damage. Download and fill in the Service request form

2. Next, label your components and provide documentation. Take a moment and fill out the Service request form and pack it with the suspension. If you have questions or want discuss your options, write "Call" next to any of the questions. 

3.  Package your suspension. Be sure to use plenty of packing to protect your suspension. Dings, dents, or deep scratches can cause serious damage to your parts, so wrap them well. Remove any loose bushings, bolts, or linkages.

Remember to include the Service Request Form.

4. Send your suspensionBe sure to insure your package!

Ship to: Motorcyclebiz, 79 Brandy Hill Drive, Brandy Hill NSW 2324

If you have any questions, please give us a call

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